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VIDAruba is a Professional agency operated by Petra Snieders and Sander Lok. Both live and work in Sunny Aruba for many years now.

“Aruba, a beautiful place to live! For many years, we have been enjoying the outdoor life, the weather and the beautiful white sandy beaches. From our network we often got the request “Do you want to keep an eye on our property when we go back home? And do you know people who want to spend their holiday in our house while we are gone? ” 8 years ago we started to manage and rent a first vacation rental in Aruba. Meanwhile, we have expanded that to a few more vacation rentals, but we want to remain a small agencies to provide the best possible service to owners and guests. “

About Petra Snieders

Petra has studied Facility Management in The Netherlands and therefore has knowledge of maintenance and management of buildings, cleaning, security and catering. In recent years she has worked as a supervisor in the hospitality and entertainment industry. With this experience Petra is a passionate hostess who will warmly welcome you in one of the vacation rentals in Aruba.

About Sander Lok

Sander is a Construction Engineer and has gained extensive experience in the construction industry as a project manager, project engineer and facility coordinator; both in the Netherlands and Aruba. Sander is an expert when it comes to professionally maintained homes. He also advises homeowners on major maintenance and minor (technical) maintenance to keep their homes in optimal condition.




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